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Life is a scrapebook, torn and old

In which our little lives are told,

And when the twilight shadows fall

This is the sweetest thing of all;

to turn the pages of the years,

Remembering with happy tears

The faithful love, the perfect friend,

These things are treasured to the end.

submitted by Judy Clark

Congratulations Mary

I am very proud of the way you have not only started but kept this group going. I remember when I first came here ,I didn't know how to cut and paste or transload,and you were always such a help to me,never made me feel stupid; you were always there to cheer me on. Your new e-mail page reminds me alot of you,A beautiful and kind Lady.Also a very good friend to all of us.

I salute you my friend


( theroseofsharon )

Congratulations Mary

Mary you are one of the first people I met on line after getting my webtv, and since that time I have been able to come to you like a little "sister" does to the "big sister"and ask for help and advice. We have shared many laughs and tears and I don't know what my life would be like , without you in it. You are truly a Special Lady. Congratulations on the the first anniversary of Webville Ladies and I hope I am here to share many more to come.

Love You



Best Wishes Mary

Congratulations on the huge success of the Webville Ladies Society's 1st. Anniversary. All the hard work that went into planning this group was very well thought out. You have it running as smoothly as a clock. You've touched many peoples lives that will never be the same again. Thankyou for creating such a wonderful place to visit and gather amongst the best group of sisters ever. Debbie M.

( debbiepuzzle )

Happy 1st.Anniversary Mary

Mary, Thankyou for making my life less lonely. I'm really enjoying being a part of this family.

Best Wishes


( Tarna-K )


Congratulations on your the First Anniversary of the Webville Ladies Society. You are a GREAT Lady and Friend.
Much love to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Treasure Of Friendship

I hold in my hands
a box of gold,
with a secret inside
that has never been told.
The box is priceless
but as I see,
The treasure inside
is far more precious to me.
Today I share
this treasure with thee,
It is the treasure of friendship
you have given to me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is a gift from Me to You
in honor of your Love, Friendship, Hardwork and Devotion.


Love and Hugs,


( kamrich )

(the Good One, right Julee??)

Hi Mary,

Wow! I can't believe it has been a whole year since You started WebvilleLadies.   I remember how excited you were when you decided to start the group.   Picking the name,, finding just the right Graphics,, Learning more 'HTML'.... When I think about how much we have learned, the Ups & Downs,,, The LOL's, ROFLMAO's, the 'get out the Kleenex's',,, It has been a wonderful year! We have a Great Group of Sophisticated Ladies, "Your Dream has been Fulfilled"

Just for you Mary

Luvs Jeanie

( owlchatter )

Music: Thats What Friends Are For

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