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        You Are Our Cherished Friend

        God must have known there would be times

        We'd need a word of cheer

        Someone to praise a triumph

        Or brush away a tear.

        He must have known we'd need to share

        The joy of "little things"

        In order to appreciate

        The happiness life brings.

        I think he knew our troubled hearts

        Would sometimes throb with pain

        At trials and misfortunes

        Or some goals we can't attain.

        He knew we'd need the comfort

        Of an understanding heart

        To give us strength and courage

        To make a fresh, new start.

        He knew we'd need companionship


        And so God answered the heart's great need

        With a CHERISHED you

        submitted by Judy Clark

        Best Wishes from:

        all of your

        Webville Sisters

        Love & Hugs

        Best Wishes

        Many times we encounter
        new people in our lives,
        they come and go
        with no great concern.

        But there are a few
        who make lasting impressions
        on our beings,
        you are those people...

        A poem in Honour

        Of You Mary

        And Your Special Day

        From the start there was no doubt,
        I couldn`t understand what the fuss was all about.
        You as my sisters, accepted me for who I am,
        and gave to me, a helping hand.
        You were there throught it all,
        you pick me up when I fall,
        You give me hugs when I am blue,
        what would I do without all of you?

        written by : Mary


        Loving sisters,
        this is how it is between us.
        I just wanted to say it,
        with this little touch.
        Connection of the heart,
        They shine for me like "GOLD"
        "LOVING SISTERS" ,
        AND DEAR TO ME.
        I hold you all close to my heart.
        May you be blessed by the Lord
        with the same warmth and joy
        you all have given.

        God Bless!

        With Much Love,

        Your sis,




        We Love You!!!!

        On the one year anniversary
        of Webville Ladies Society.
        A truly remarkable achievement!!!!


        (Darling Ridges)

        Congratulations Mary!!!!

        I have really enjoyed being
        part of this group of ladies.
        There are alot of real nice sisters in here.
        Thanks for all the help
        you have given each of us.
        I'm looking forward to
        another year together.


        ( Crafter5 )

        Congratulations Mary

        On your first year
        of Webville Ladies,
        you have truly been a friend.
        Thank you for touching my life.

        Love ya!!!!



        Happy Anniversary, Mary,

        and all my Sisters!

        Much Love to All,


        (ladymears )


        Our Dearest Mary

        You have been the sunshine
        in our lives, this past year!
        Our little Angel from above,
        who always has a
        streached arm to help,
        a warm heart to give us Love.
        And always has my ants in hand! :)
        Mary we all Love and respect you,
        and hold you so Dear.
        May God always
        embrace you in his arms!

        My Gift to You      

        from the


        ( La frog <°°>)

        Music:The Rose

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        Page:by Debbie